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10 February 2009

Environmental concerns: Flooding in Batuan (Bohol)

I was in Manila this weekend when I received a text message from an old friend in my hometown. She told me their house was flooded due to heavy rains. It was their first. Their house was in a flat land near a ricefield. She told me that our place was flooded too up to the waistline.

I was not a bit concerned at first because I did not receive any info from my family. Almost all of us got mobile phones, except for my parents who abhor techie things, and being flooded would of course send them to panic, and informing me would be fitting.

But my text message asking what happened to them was unanswered. I was thinking of my book collection I just sent home because I would no longer be staying at my rented place in Tagbilaran.

FYI, our place is right beside a small creek that used to be our playground when we were young. I almost got drowned on that creek. It used to be a river-wide when I was young, but when I saw it as I grow older, the creek seemed to reduce itself smaller each time I go to my hometown. I would laugh at myself, remembering that drowning incident. It would be funny to see that murmuring creek becoming a rampaging river.

But honestly I had its rare overflowing experience. I was sleeping that time when Mom woke me up because the waters had come in up to the level of my bed. I was more amazed than afraid of the flood.

When no one was not minding me, I called up my sister. She told me the truth. The waters have invaded our place and they were busy catching things that floated away. Our appliances, our stuff in the kitchen, MY BOOKS! They were not able to text me back. They had more concerns to do. I was heartbroken.
For the first time I heared my family talking about environmental issues. They told me Mother Nature is getting angry because of wanton destruction of the environment. The cause of the flood was extremely mind-boggling since the water source is just a small hole somewhere. Where did all the water came from?

Despite being heartbroken over the state of my books, I pity my parents who suffer all through the experience. I know they were also concerned of our things and other valuables. The things most people would consider not of value like family pictures and memorabilia were in fact priceless and even worth a million. We could never have them again.

(First picture grabbed from Batuanon's Friendster account)

“Are you upset little friend? Have you been lying awake worrying? Well, don't worry...I'm here. The flood waters will recede, the famine will end, the sun will shine tomorrow, and I will always be here to take care of you." -Charlie Brown to Snoopy

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Anonymous said...

I guess it was due to industrialization, not enough trees to hold the water. and narrowing rivers cause water to flow slower than necessary. hehe.. just want to explain. anyway I feel for you. I hope you can still scavenge some of your priceless things.