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03 February 2009

Goodbye Mike Francis

If you are in your 40s like me I am very sure Mike Francis has been a part of your repertoire. I am a great fan of his. Y101 introduced me to him and I fell in love with his music eversince. Who could ever forget his Suddenly Back To Me or Let Me In or Lovely Day, and my personal favorite- Dusty Road?

Mike Francis, born Francesco Puccioni, succumbed to a lingering illness last Friday, January 30, 2009, according to news reports. He was 47.

Thank you for the beautiful music, Mike.
carry on and bear the happy load
on a dusty road
got to win the race
even though the road is hard
gotta be certain
like the black bird
flying in the night
what you looking for
searching for the way
even though the road is hard
gotta be certain
it's a different cold dream
that's never ending
burning inside of the soul
you gotta follow this dream
and watch you bending
through the dark years
don't you stray away
from a dusty road
just keep it going on
even though the road is hard
gotta be certain
lots of people are gonna put you down
does bother you
don't let them change your mind
even though the road is hard
gotta be certain...

Ciao Francesco!


kg said...

oh my gosh! shocked ako!

i'm not in my 40s...he! he!....but I do know mike francis, and i love him! favorite ko ang let me in, friends, and dusty road! as in! i have them in my cellphone right now!

this is such sad news. i'm glad to have known his music.

Edik said...

yeah he was dearly loved by filipinos. infact he was here many times during his career.

i love his jazzy, bossanova-ish songs. cool talaga.