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16 July 2009

The Fantastic Promise of Networking

I have been invited many times, since college, to this networking stuff. Always, they promise me of wonderful things to come. Some even tell me I can stay at home and sleep all day but still have money in my account, mamatay man sila.

Well- honestly, so many of them networking companies have come and gone. And mostly dead, leaving behind so many unfulfilled promises, so many dumb people and so much legal matters lawyers are having a lot of fun they could go home and sleep but money still would flow to them.

Legacy, for example.

A retired teacher I know invited me to dinner at a classy restaurant in Tagbilaran some time ago. I was more than amused because we were not that close and yet he insisted we see each other and together with some retirees from Canada. I smell something not nice. Well- he invested more than a million. I did not have a thousand. But now we are in the same level- we both have no money.

And the rest is history.

I never like networking stuff, actually. Wait- I have one thing I like in networking meetings- they always have food you could stuff in your mouth. And that's the only consolation I could think of from them.

All of them people who are way above you are the smartest, cutest, clean-looking entities you could imagine. You could tell the disparity between you and them but they seem not able to notice at all. They talk of tiers. I am here. You are there. But we share.

These entities are very polite, always smiles like they have everything in this world, and they always talk about money and gains and the good life. In other words- they are the most perfectly plastic of all people.

They would show you checks of five to ten digits, with their names, of course. Checks you don't know if they are real or not. Always checks from some well-known banks. But until now, I am still wondering why they could not show cash, which is more tempting.

And they would illustrate you the power of triangles just like what the makibaka groups (remember the song Tatsulok) or your nutritionist have them in their notes. Triangles. Pyramids. Money. Lots of money. Schemes.

So many are fooled by easy money.

Why Pyramid?

A Pyramid Scheme is shaped like a pyramid because they run out of suckers and the deal collapses. About any multi level compensation plan can be used for a pyramid. A pyramid scheme sells products of no or little value at inflated prices so that a lot of money flows through the pyramid scheme. The last people in make very little or no money because there aren’t a spare 100,000 or million people dumb enough to feed the bottom of the pyramid scheme. Get Rich Quick is the battle cry of pyramid schemes! We could say Darwin’s Theory holds true and the smart survivors stay out! The pyramid scheme starts collapsing and the participants complain to the law (usually too late). 

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