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04 July 2009

Milan Design Week 09

I noticed that my blogs here have become some sort of dark and depressing due to my whining, whimpering and, oh my God, those obituaries for the dead and the not so dead.

Why not some cool stuff to make my day brighter?

Like furniture. I have rearranged my pad to make it different and cool to my eyes. But all I have is an old stuffy chair and a sofa bed. But I am not complaining. Yet.

How I wish I could have any ONE of these following furniture in my place. Talking about cool and trendy. Yeah? And playfull and extremely creative!

These pieces are designed by Gaetano Pesce and shown at Meritalia. Damn these Italians. I am actually drooling over them furnitures. And over Italians too.


kg said...

naku edik! parang di ko mauupuan yang mga yan, lalo na yung may waterfalls. :)

Edik said...

hahaha ang ganda nga eh. parang pang-display lang haha.