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15 July 2009

Lonely at the top

Despite the heavy load I am undergoing now- some stuff badly needed for Sandugo Festival in Bohol because they did not like the studies the artist designed for them, I am basically empty. Work, work and work seems to be my only concern and I am lonely.

Some asshole of a friend told me this is because I am just getting old. A mystery just like PMS in women. I hate mysteries. They remind me of hours of kneeling and repetitious prayers. And growing old doesn't mean you would become lonely. I think.

But still I am.

Does staying at home because you don't have money to spend a symptom of maturity? I mean getting old? Or blatantly saying I AM BROKE is synonymous with old age? Or I am just lonely because I don't have money? No money + old age = Loneliness? Why it always comes to money? Or is it really money?

I don't know. I am lonely.

Such is the wonder of loneliness. You babble out nonsense.


kg said...

maybe you need to get married! he! he! cheer up! :)

when's sandugo festival?

Cathy said...

if you are lonely without money, it doesn't mean that you will be happy if you have plenty of it.

life is what you make it...big bank account aside.

you need to be content inside yourself. what will more money give you? a new pair of jeans? a flat TV? will that make you happier?


Edik said...

i took consolation with this answer from a good friend from Tacloban-

"Hehehe...Nothing is in the top, believe me, yep, it's only the feeling...No Shangri-la, No Avalon, No Utopia (Ask them who climbed Mt. Everest)...just the plain old feeling of Isolation...why? because you are Unique, you are One-of-a-Kind and Incomparable...It's not money or anything...but just a may revel on it alone or make your own ethereal habitat there...been there, done that...(wink*)"