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09 July 2009

Sosyal ang Auntie ko!

I always appreciate the more mature generation who love to tinker with technology. That is why the Bayantel ad is a hit to me. 

My aunt from my father's side whom we fondly call Inday Gloria for example, calls me from time to time using Skype because she is bored at home. I took her pics (without her knowledge) while she got bored talking to me. She said she is reading a book she found in my place. Cool.


kg said...

grabe ha! ako nga di marunong mag-skype! talo pa ako ni auntie! he! he! :)

Edik said...

hahahaha you should not be left behind Grace.

ethan[ol] said...

hahahah! kingkoy oi. sosyal na sosyal na ang mga katigulangan karon

Edik said...

ethan- you haven't seen the ads on tv? you should.