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29 July 2009

Threatening the President and other idiotic stories

And so I happened to go to that opening ceremonies at the Sandugo OTOP Trade Fair not knowing the President will be also there. You know how nightmarish it is when a president is around. The inspections, the groping guards who made the ocassion justifiable, the long lines so you can only come in.

I hated the President more, because I so happened to bring my camera.

I fall in line.

Turn on the camera please. If I was more insane I could have fucked my camera right there and then without having to turn it on.

I told the guards I won't be using it. They put some security sticker on it. Oh my, that cam I so guarded zealously so that not even dust could settle on it but now an orange sticker defaced its presence.

They got my Stabilor orange highlighter.

What for? I asked them. They were just told to do so.

What about my two ballpens? I could harm the President with these.

No, I was actually using the term dunggab which means to stab in Bisaya. Pwede nakong dunggabon si GMA ani. I could stab GMA with these ballpens. Nobody seemed to mind me. They just laughed.

Defeated with my attempts to threatened the President, I retreated to a corner where some friends were chatting.

Maybe I am good at comedies.

(The only picture of President GMA I took. When I saw that it was blurred, I did not take another shot.)

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