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19 July 2009

My Sunday Ritual

For the past years, my Sunday ritual included waking up early and walking down to the Capitol area, Mango Avenue, Fuente Circle and back. My place is perched on the mountainous part of Capitol area and I am actually overlooking the city so walking towards the Capitol and back is quite an exhilarating experience. Except when weather won't permit me to do so.

After a considerable amount of perspiration that would make my shirt wet, I would drop by Jollibee and rest and have my favorite breakfast. You ordered one longganiza breakfast and hot chocolate with additional large pineapple juice. Yeah right. That would be a hundred and five sir.

After some news reading, I would drop-by the small tiangge right infront of the Capitol grounds. These small time vendors came from the towns of Cebu and display their goods here. You can be assured that they are 100% fresh.

This small tiangge grow so fast last year so that you can see live chickens and fish on display, sometimes with a small pig tied to a post here and there. But a political quarrel between Mayor Tomas Osmeña and Governor Gwen Garcia ensued and these small time vendors were affected. The revengeful Osmeña literally kicked them vendors out claiming the area belongs to the city government.

Some enterprising vendors managed to come back and just a few of them are here every weekend starting Friday night. From them I usually buy a kilo of fresh sweet corn and some ripe mangoes and bananas and young coconuts. Bringing these goodies, I would start the ascend back to my place.

This would complete my day on a Sunday. And I feel good.


Speaking of Mayor Tomas Osmeña who just arrived from the US to have his cancer treated, I was aghast when I read in the news that he would not permit non-city residents to be admitted in the city-run Cebu City Medical Center. What the hell was he thinking?

Imagine the bully of Osmeña being denied medical attention when he went to the US because he is not an American citizen!

SUE ME, he challenged those who would be denied medical assistance from that city hospital. A reaction from a Sun*Star columnist can be read here: MAYOR CROSSES LINE.

I believed something terrible happened during his treatments in the US.

(Picture of Osmeña brandishing a weapon while visiting a workers' strike at Gaisano South in Cebu City is taken from

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