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08 September 2009

Birds of the same feather are birds of the same feather

The Arroyo administration, according to Thelma Chiong, is criminal friendly. (See Influential Criminals, Editorial, 8 September 2009) A clear indication that even in the criminal world, there are a priviliged few. They have money and political clout way above and beyond the top echelons. And they have the reasons to rejoice. Among them, as enumerated by

Lance Cpl Daniel Smith- released "in the dead of the night" to gain the necessary "support" from the US government because Arroyo's integrity and credibility is waning, according to Archbishop Oscar Cruz.

Claudio Teehankee Jr was also released "in the dead of the night" despite serving only 14 years of the double life sentence slapped on him.

Romeo Jalosjos, the rapist of an 11 year-old girl was released after serving a few years of his double life imprisonment sentence.

And now, Paco Larrañaga of the Osmeña clan in Cebu, who is also considered a citizen of Spain, will be transferred to a penal colony in that place, raising a question why a prisoner-exchange treaty between Philippines and Spain was suddenly signed.

If you ask why these people differed from the rest, their family names and influence would give you an idea why.

The editorial summarizes everything in question- These cases support the claim of Chiong that the Arroyo administration is “criminal-friendly.” But it mollycoddles criminals and convicts only if they are rich or politically or socially powerful. Hundreds of other convicts who may have more reason to enjoy a commutation of sentence but who do not have any financial, political or social clout could rot in prison, for all Ms Arroyo cares.

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