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09 September 2009


I was walking carelessly when somebody pushed me.

They were running. Daliiiii! (Faster!)

I stared.

A throng of ladies was actually running towards me. Some gays sashaying after.

Someone stepped on me. Ouch.


Sori sir, sori sir. Daliiiii!

I was thinking a bomb will soon explode at SM. I looked around.

They were running.

What happened?

Hey what's happening?

John Lloyd. John Lloyd.


John Lloyd is here.


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kiss_mAe said...

OMG!!! kabayot niya manong oi! hahaha abi nako si rustom padilla! wakekeke

Edik said...

hahahahaha. i can't, won't, could not, wear his costume even if they are orangey.

kg said...

naku...madami akong kilala na makikistampede for john lloyd! my sister included! he! he!