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28 September 2009

The Professional Heckler Survives

Personal: I Survived! This street in Makati City used to be submerged in chest-deep floodwaters. I had to wade through it before three men pushing a tryke-kuliglig hybrid vehicle offered me a 300-peso(!) ride to our house at the end of the road. Two monoblock chairs were placed on the sidecar so i could stand on them. I had to raise my hands (a la-Pacquiao holding his WBC belt) to protect my bag with laptop. Para akong santong ipinaparada sa binagyong fluvial procession! Kulang na lang may magsabit sa ‘kin ng dried everlasting. It was Bocaue Pagoda tragedy meets MMFF Parade of Stars meets Manny Pacquiao victory motorcade! Insane!

(No! That was not The Heckler on the trike. Photo from Facebook by Kathy Zablan)


kg said...

i read this at his site. honestly, natawa ako sa description nya [especially the "santo" part]. but not funny when you were the one there... :)

Edik said...

that's why I reposted this one. natuwa ako sa description nya. ganyan naman talaga tayong mga Pinoy. we find funny things despite calamities.