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06 September 2009

Fasting and Ramadan: Patience and Misconceptions

On our way to our fasting break, I asked Ary why he had a flight schedule when it will be a holiday on Monday. Our driver, upon hearing, asked me why it would be a holiday this Monday. I told him some influential person died and will be buried on Monday. I regretted having informed him. We were literally bombarded non-stop, for about 15 minutes, of his anger towards Gloria Arroyo. Puro na lang ta holiday ani sa Pilipinas natapulan na ta. These holidays made us lazy Filipinos.

Patience, in moments like this, is a virtue.

Which reminds me to use my patience again when asked about my fasting during Ramadan. Until now people still ask. I give my answer.

I found out that we are still biased against our Muslim brothers and sisters. Many times, we smirk at the thought of Ramadan because we Christians believed fasting is unnecessary and only for show especially when Muslims overstuff themselves during the night. Magpista man na sila inig ka gabii. They are having a fiesta during the night. And when Filipinos say the magic word FIESTA, we are reminded of anything in excess. Pork, food, liquor.

I found this shocking and not true.

For one, when you are fasting, the thought of stuffing yourself in excess (food, to be specific) after the break, would find you in a terrible state. Although the thought of food is a welcome relief, it would do you no good to overeat. In my case, I barely have the energy to eat after the break. I have to eat for nourishment and for me to survive another day.

I am an incessant drunk, but having a bottle of beer after dinner made my head ache and my stomach upset. So the thought of them Muslims stuffing like it is the end of the world is purely fabricated.

When you are hungry, you will learn a lot of lessons in life. Your spirituality, your connection with God and other beings, your relationship with other people, your fragile life. You even won't mind people trying to destroy you. You live your life. You pray. I know I am too preachy and I know I would only be jeered. That is called life. Patience, my dear.

Today is my 16th day of fasting. I shall make it to the 21st of September. And I will. But this fasting stuff won't make me a saint. Promise.

In conclusion I share with you this prayer from a Muslim-

May your blessings be too many to count. And your worries too few to matter. May your days be full of sunshine. And your nights in comfort. May you never go hungry. And be able to share your bounty. May God bless and protect you. And strengthen your faith. May you be free from oppression, hatred, persecution and fear. Please remember those who go hungry all year long. Ramadan Mubarak to all.

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