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07 September 2009


Is it about position? Your status in the echelonic mentality that is deeply rooted in our mentality and obviously affirmed by the lower strata? Is it about kaartehan? What's with us Filipinos?

This picture I received from the email today says who we are and what we are. No exemption.

A couple of days ago, an embarrasing scene was played on TV when a flip general was carried on someone else's shoulder so he wouldn't get wet when he stepped out of a banca. The American officer on the other hand waded on the water without any help. Can you see the symbolisms on why the Philippines have problems?

I think the Filipino General should be fired. How could he win the war against the Abu Sayaff? Eh, tubig lang takot na siya. Nakakahiya!! Lalong nakakahiya doon sa Kano na kasunod niya. BAGONG PEDICURE SIGURO ANG LOKO...

(That general is supposed to be Brig Gen Marciano Ilagan, whoever he is.)

Follow the link for a funnier version of this scene- Hay!Men, my idol!


ethan[ol] said...

year 2002 pa man diay ni oi

Edik said...

mao ba?

Anonymous said...

You know, this man was my neighbor and he always had a bad leg.
He walked with a limp all the time.

Edik said...

maybe his limp would justify this picture?