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24 September 2009


The past days of my life, I might have been experiencing miracles every day but I never really cared. Not until now. I was always the bratty child. Selfish. Did not care much about the world and if it ended way back then.

But lately I could not help but notice these small miracles.

The past months I really did not have enough funds for myself. You know- food, fare, and some personal splurging have to be set aside. I even wondered why I have survived today.

But suddenly, friends just give me money. Honestly. A friend handed me a 100 peso bill while we were in a jeepney. I asked what for? Just keep it, was the answer. Some extended me a loan. I told them I could not pay on time. Just pay anytime, was the answer.

The Ramadan was also a good excuse for not eating, although I only realized this after a month-long fasting. But having no funds to buy a decent meal, my friends also invited me to lunch, dinner, snack. A good friend even buy me cans of tuna and some rice and store them at home for my consumption.

Humbled, I am truly grateful to you guys for being afforded these gifts. They were not expected of course, but miracles DO happen. It is only up to us to see their gifts being brought to us. I mean, it might not be food or money but the fact that I have friends who shared their blessings, that is miracle enough!


Superfetation is what they call to a pregnant woman who becomes pregnant again. This is a rare case, this being the second time I heard about. Many years ago, I think an Italian also give birth to her children weeks apart. Neither of the children are twins or triplets, etc.


Another "miracle" we did not know- Michelle Pfeiffer sang this beautiful rendition of the song When You Believe in the movie Prince of Egypt. Some say this is more operatic and technical than the version done by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. And I believe so.

...Yet now I'm standing here
My heart's so full I can't explain
Seeking faith and speaking words
I never thought I'd say

There can be miracles, when you believe
Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
When you believe, somehow you will
You will when you believe...

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