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08 August 2010

02 Spa: It's not what you think

When you hear the word spa, what comes to mind is an oasis to relax and perhaps have a good massage. But this is not my impression of 02 Spa, a small bar at a corner in The Strip, the former Food Street now given a personality revamp. The Strip is very near to the Capitol and just across The Boulevard in Cebu City.

They say 02 Spa is actually a spa by day but I never heard someone going there for treatments, although I happened to see someone having her hair cut in that place in its early days. Just once. But after a much needed renovation, the barber chairs and the beauty parlor look is nowhere to be found.

Unknown to many, 02 Spa offers great food, presentation and all. For about 150 pesos you can have a full meal with drinks. The beers there are also affordable especially if you buy them per set. They even accept reservations for a group party. And they also wash cars by day and you can have coffee while watching their staff do the cleaning. So much for a name.

The place is friendly, although I wonder why they always have new staff every time I go there.

Try it yourself.

The fish fillet with ginger strips is really good
Beef caldereta
Their version of a chicken on a stick
The massive baby back ribs is good too, so I heard.
The faces of contention

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