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23 August 2010

My dinner was halted with the hostage crisis

Update: It took Noynoy Aquino a day after (technically, since it was already past 12 midnight when he released his statement) which is sadly only a review of the events that happened. As if we do not know. Wow. Galing mo Noy. Here is his statement.)

Just as I am having iftar with friends, the TV was abuzz with the impending end of the hostage crisis that happened since 12 hours ago. Everyone stopped chewing and started cheering.

We were actually sharing jokes about it, as the usual reaction among the majority of Filipinos is to make fun out of a critical situation, even if people are dead. Blame our culture.

The jokes mainly focused on the police force who could be seen as if they badly needed training on hostage situations. With them axing with futility the windows and the door of the bus taken by one of their own (the hostage taker being a former police officer), the whole nation cheered.  Not because we wanted the hostages out but we cheered on how the police was doing it wrong. On TV!

This reminds me of this picture during a raid (I am not sure though) in Manila. Whoever took this, please acknowledge and share to us why this police is aiming his finger like a kid at war. What a sad picture of our police force.

We now have a different meaning of SWAT: Sorry We Aren't Trained; Sorry Wala Akong Training; Samtang Walang Alarma Tagay.

Meanwhile, the Hongkong Security Board has issued an advisory to their citizens not to travel to the country and that those who are already in are advised to return home.

No advisory from the President of the Republic of the Philippines assuring Filipinos that his people are in command. Nada. The latest I heard, his spokesman said they will issue a statement later in the evening. It is almost midnight and we heard nothing.

Congrats Noynoy!

(The hostage taker, former Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza, awarded Ten Outstanding Policemen of the Philippines, was dismissed early in January this year but was carrying firearms [presumably his] during the crisis. Why?)

A nude police sniper? Only in the Philippines! (Photo: Romeo Ranoco/Reuters)


rem said...

hi! i took the photo above of the policeman without a gun. there wasn't an actual raid but that was a security drill done at the compound of manila police district headquarters along un avenue in manila. i took that photo for the philippine daily inquirer. please give proper credit also. thanks!

Edik said...

Thanks REM for the clarification on your photo. You might have read my blog asking anyone who can claim credits on the photo and what happened here. You deserve the acknowledgment.

Thanks for visiting.