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11 August 2010

Closing the day

So many people might find me weird if not deranged when I will share my spiritual journey especially to a non-Muslim like me who is doing the Ramadan. I rarely discuss spiritual and religious things even to my family. I am not a religious person. I rarely go to church. I only attend church ceremonies when I am invited for an occasion.

My decision to join our brothers and sisters in the Muslim community was inspired by friendship with Muslims who enlightened me about Ramadan. This is my second year.

I am quite emotional today because Ramadan started very uneasy for me. There were friends who became my enemies and I could not talk them out to settle things. I have unresolved issues within.

But there was one inspiring thing that happened to me yesterday which made me decide I should go on fasting.

An old man called me up to help him stand. He was slumped in the gutter. I was having second thoughts about helping him because he was one of those homeless guys who are really very dirty. But I extended my hand without me knowing and helped him up. We have a short conversation because I was running late. I did not even recall if he thank me or not. 

I took it as a sign to accept things as they are. I believe in charity. I include everyone in my prayers.


kg said...

alam mo, i also want to try the ramadan. i want o know what effects it will have on my soul. :)

Edik said...

if you are not ready, please don't. it is an emotional journey.

but you can always read resources first before embarking on this journey. it would help if a muslim can guide you through the process.

ramadan will not only cleanse you physically but improve your spirituality.