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24 August 2010

What a terrible day to end

These are some of the images taken during the hostage-taking of some Chinese tourists in Manila by a disgruntled former police officer who happened to be awarded the Ten Outstanding Policemen in the Philippines a few years back. Seven of the Chinese were killed.

All pictures were grabbed from Guardian.

The star: Rolando Mendoza posing for the camera. No snipers dare take his moment.

The sniper: Thinking of landing in a bold movie role, sheds his shirt while posing for a kill.

O mag-Jollibee muna kayo! May kape ba? Stalling. Stalling. And more stalling.

It did end this way for the star and some seven other Chinese over 12 hours later.

The unbearable trauma of the victims. 

The Hongkong government made a press conference minutes after the end of the drama. No Noynoy Aquino, the President of the Republic of the Philippines was seen or heard, not until past 12 midnight, technically a day after the incident.

It was Isko Moreno, a vice mayor of Manila, who spoke for the Philippines on CNN. Great!


alvinde said...

At least it was Isko. He's a former actor, you know. He'd be much more comfy in front of the camera than an actress' brother.

The Beancounter said...

Terrible day for everyone especially for Filipinos and the families of the victims...

Isko tried...I can't help but cringe though while listening to him answer the Q's wishing for the interview to finish soon...

Who's the mayor? Where was he/she?