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13 August 2010

The company you keep matters

Food becomes more palatable if you are in good company. And more appetizing when serve hot.

That was the case when I was invited by the Ortega sisters to a dinner at Chikaan sa Cebu at their SM branch. Glocel and Gilda timely asked me to come after 6, since they knew I am fasting.

Ginataang Monggo

After the sweet tea was served and drank came the Ginataang Monggo (mung beans with coco milk), my favorite, of course. It was only Glocel and I who consumed the big bowl since Gilda, pregnant of her second child, was not in the mood to join. She instead attacked the fried Buwad (tuyo) and the Pinakbet (mixed veggies with pork rinds) with gusto. Then came the Kinilaw which I quite did not like because the fish they used was not quite fresh enough. The buwad and the monggo was enough to fill me. I was even guilty of overeating!

The really nice Sylvannas completed our meal.

Thank you ladies.

Buwad (nice presentation)
The not-so-fresh Kinilaw


Sreisaat said...

Ser, kalami sa buwad oi! Namatikdan nako lagi puro food lately imong posts. Unya, nagsugod na pod kag fasting hihihi.

Edik said...

yes mam sugod napod ko hehehe. mao puro food akong gi-post kay naglaway ko hahaha.