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15 August 2010

Communing with nature at City Springs

We were informed, of course.

That going there would take us a short ride to Guadalupe area and a few minutes of walking through almost dried-up river beds and hilly mounds. I thought it was just a joke. Knowing how urban Cebu City is, telling someone that the place we are going does not have electricity nor mobile signal is surely preposterous. 

But that was the case when the lovely couple Melvin and Gail Banzon invited us to their place in Kalunasan, Guadalupe for a day of camaraderie with a few friends. They called that place City Springs, aptly taken from the three-tiered springs they developed into tiny pools for an intimate chit-chat with loved ones and friends while wallowing in cold mountain waters. Even if they put concrete on the sides of the springs, you won't feel artificial about the place. The concrete, in fact, enhanced the natural setting. I wonder who was their architect.

I can see a great escape from the chaotic side of urbanization coming very soon. 

Despite the lack of amenities (there is only a main shed, a kitchen-dining area, comfort rooms with flowing water and some benches for group sessions), we are already planning to go back and experience an overnight stay there. It would be a great experience, I am sure.

And while walking back towards civilization and balancing myself on a small trail that have led us to another place and time, I was praising God for such a small insignificant patch of nature that is unbelievably within the premises of urban Cebu. That insignificant patch made a significant tap on my inner self.

Nothing beats nature in its true form. And everyone of us is thankful for that great discovery.

More on City Springs from Melvin's Facebook can be seen here .
First photo courtesy of Melvin Banzon. Last photo courtesy of Eros Cagaanan.

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