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08 August 2010

Dead to the world

Yes. I was literally dead to the world.

You see, I have not been drinking for a long period in preparation for my second Ramadan when I got invited by friends in three separate occasions in one night. 3 in 1 combined.

It started with Freeli who is "dating" his friend and he wanted company so to ease tensions. The girl has a lover. A good reason to imbibe at 02 Spa.

Then my group, The Magtipas Group (TMG),  met at our usual hangout called Payag somewhere near Sykes a few hours later. We were planning for a group presentation for a birthday celebration this Sunday. Of course beers flowed.

Just when I got tipsy, I went home only to be brought out back when my neighbors literally dragged me to join them in Brewspoint.

All in all, I have drank about a case or two of Red Horse!

I had a terrible case of hangover a day after. Did not get up because the world was swimming and my head was extremely painful and I was so sick.

These were the days when I say, I won't do it again.

Crossing my fingers.

Pic- from here.


aLm0ndZnKissEs said...

manong!!! i liked the pic... mag-fasting na pud ka this ramadan??? (",)

Edik said...

yes my Biatch. sugod napod ta. nakita ra nako na pic sa web.