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05 August 2010

Zip it up

The current trend of adventure tourism has come to Bohol. And the most famous is surely Danao, Bohol. 

It is a fact that the municipality of Danao was the first to establish that kind of tourist come-on in that province and they call it EAT. Don't take it literally. EAT means Eco, Educational, Extreme Adventure Tour, although eating is also a great discovery in Danao.

The E.A.T. Danao brags its longest and highest zipline in the country. Plus the ultra scary plunge to the great void that makes the Danao tourism adventure package worth the long adventurous ride.

Lately, the municipality of Loboc introduced also their version of ziplining and cable "car" ride. Although shorter and with a different perspective, the Loboc ziplining package is more advantageous due to its proximity to Tagbilaran, the tourism center in Bohol. Danao is about 92 kms from Tagbilaran, Loboc 24 kms. Both Loboc and Danao charge you 350 pesos for the zipline.

Because it is still a novel idea in Loboc, there are negligible lapses in the way they handled the zipline "brakes". Buildings and other amenities are still undergoing construction when we went there. 

I also heard that the Abatan community composed of five municipalities (Cortes, Maribojoc, Antequera, Balilihan, and Catigbian) will also have their own too. And Dimiao. And many more.

Isn’t that over-indulging? I can see a Bohol skyline full of zipping tourists in the future.

(Note: The communities in the other end of the Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park has not come to the idea of doing business so they could also earn from the tourists, as compared to their town-mates down below where communities sing and dance to earn extra income. I asked several people there on the other side of the mountain and they said they are not thinking about it. Sayang. Staying there for a few minutes waiting for your turn at the zipline would be a business opportunity for them.)

All pictures were taken in Loboc.

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nacky said...

nice one ,... bisita pud sa akong blogsite tol, taga san miguel ko..nag school ko sa bilar bohol.