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12 January 2011

Australia is deluged (and some Philippine provinces, too)

I heard my blogger friend in Queensland, Australia, The Beancounter, is bracing for more flooding in their area. They were told to get ready for evacuations.

Anywhere in the world, calamities and disasters happened, be it natural or man-made. The difference there is the people's and the government's readiness to handle such happenings. Although I believe Australia is a first world country but still they suffer. But not as big suffering as compared to us living in the third world. Still.

I hope everyone is safe and in higher grounds today.

More in the news:

Meanwhile in Albay province in the Philippines (and possibly in some other provinces of the country), similar scenario is slowly dissipating inch by inch almost canceling a dream to come true.

All pics grabbed from various sources in the internet.


The Beancounter said...

Thank you very much once again Edik! The waters are still rising.

Edik said...

no problem Elmer. hope everything is fine despite the floods.