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18 January 2011

Ohhhh Georg!

This weird weather made everyone and everything crazy. It has been raining on and off since Sinulog and it seems this is just a "normal" weather pattern since no one (or at least I haven't heard anyone) claiming a storm is coming.

Even the internet at the printing press is not working since last week (and until now) and we lull ourselves with anything so we won't get bored. But working with projects that needs emails and downloads and without the internet is volatile. Very.

So when Gilda, who is missing the company of her sis, invited me to a dinner last night at Oh Georg! in Ayala Center Cebu, I readily agreed. You should know that Gilda is the type of mom who wants you to order what you want and she would pay for them. When I escaped from the office, it was drizzling so I brought my jacket with me only to realize that it was kind of humid in the Ayala area.

Anyways, after leaving our groceries in a deposit counter, we settled down at Oh Georg! and we were pleased that the restaurant was not yet packed for dinner. This little corner in Ayala is a favorite hangout of the elite few and foodies alike. I even thought we could not afford this kind of resto. Surprisingly, the food is affordable. Gilda ordered a Spicy Tuna Pasta (PhP195), I ordered Beef and Vegetable Casserole (PhP195). We had Hot Fresh Calamansi (PhP55 each) for our drinks.

The service at Oh Georg! was efficient. The food were served in less than 10 minutes and still piping hot. The beef tasted good but not tender enough and the vegetables slightly overcooked. But still it was good. Gilda claimed her spicy tuna pasta was good she devoured the whole plate.

The hot calamansi juice was amazing I could have asked for more if I have not started sweating.

We also ordered their Bluberry Cheesecake (PhP105) for dessert. That piece of cake was heavenly. I don't know how they made it. I have tasted some blueberry cheesecakes before but nothing can beat Oh Georg!'s creation! The only thing that crumbled in between my teeth was the gooey blueberry on top of the cake. The rest just melted in my mouth like there was no need for me to chew.

I was in heaven again.

After Ayala, I went to O2 Spa for a drinking session with bored friends who wanted to crawl on their way home. It did not happened.


Sidney said...

Rain & cold: blame it on "Global Warming".

Now that is the good life... let the printing presses stay idle... and enjoy foods and beer ! :-)

Edik said...

thanks Sid.