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22 January 2011

CCTVs in the Philippines are useless

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CCTVs or closed circuit television in the Philippines are basically just decorations and are used only to replay unwanted incidents like robbery or thief. Just like viewing movie reruns.

No one, as in not one, mans them until you request for a replay.

How many bags have been opened by skillful thieves and robbers despite the presence of cameras in vicinities? How many homes have been invaded? How many creepy persons have scaled bridges in spite of government cameras in the area?

And we hopelessly stare at the videos being uploaded in Youtube, possibly by the owners hoping to gain 1 million followers, to confirm their idiotic move.

Only the cameras at Pinoy Big Brother are being monitored.


kg said...

"Only the cameras at Pinoy Big Brother are being monitored" -- this made my day edik! he he!

edik, i have a new site [my old one's gone]: hope to see you there!

Anonymous said...

that is always the "trend" here. upload videos after a robbery has been done.

meanwhile the scalawags enjoy their moment of fame. the police in shame.

may hiya pa ba sila?