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27 January 2011

Good job SM City Cebu- BUT

Seeing my groceries being put in a paper bag, for the first time, is exhilarating. That happened last night when I went to buy groceries at SM City Cebu. I felt proud for SM for initiating the move to lessen plastic and other cellophane products.


I was confused when they put the bags over the other. I thought they were saving mother earth with those. They told me one bag could not support the groceries because the ones they were using were too thin. I think it defeated the purpose. I can see more trees being cut down to make those bags.

And then this bagging thing only happens every Wednesdays.

I sighed.


Sidney said...

I agree...we should only use bags that we can re-use each time.

If you forget to bring it with you... you will need to pay for a new one.

Giving out paper back instead of plastic bags is not a good solution.

Anonymous said...

but still SM's move will lessen the plastic deluge in this country. knowing SM has a big customer intake, they will will make a difference.

kg said...

i'm still for the use of reusable bags. imagine if all supermarkets and malls use paper bags, eh di mga puno naman natin ang madadali! certainly not good!