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03 January 2011

A cold new year

Honestly I haven't had my shower and bath for two days now because of too much cold here in my hometown in Batuan, Bohol. Since January 1st, the rain has not showed abatement and is not giving a promise of sunshine. We are now even more concerned because the creek near our house is starting to rise.

I could not go out even if I want to. So to while the hours away, I combat the cold with freshly brewed corn coffee, a usual fare we love on rainy days since our grandparents introduced it to us. And still we love it.

Cup after cups, I am praying for the rain to stop so we could start our family reunion on time.



kg said...

Dito din edik super lamig, lalo na pag gabi!

but i still take a bath though! he he! sanay na kasi!

Sreisaat said...

Happy New Year, ser!
Diri sa amoa init kaayo. Ug mo-agree ko ni kg, pag-ligo na sad intawn oi =)
By the way, na-curious ko sa corn coffee. Pakit-a mi bi.

Edik said...

Grace, finally nakaligo na rin at nasa Cebu na ako.

Edik said...

hoy ZJ you haven't tried corn coffee? it's delicious actually. you use regular corn to substitute real coffee. the same procedure- dry them, toast, grind and then brew.

Sreisaat said...

No, never had corn-coffee. Rice-coffee nuon, permi mi sa una didto pa sa akong lolo ug lola hehehe
Sensha na jud kung usahay ra ko mamisita sa blog mo, ser =)

Jeanbeltran said...

I love corn coffee, it was introduced by my grandmother too when I was little... wala na mi katilaw ani for years since she passed away... :(

Edik said...

Hi Jean: if you happen to come to Bohol, corn coffee has become a trend in specialty shops like Bohol Bee Farm and Painitang Bol-anon. i think they a pack for you to take out and brew.

Jeanbeltran said...

Well, I am from Bohol actually... hehe :)

Basin sa bohol ra na makita ang corn coffee... hehe