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16 January 2011

My servant Noynoy Aquino bought a Porsche with his own money

Yes, he zealously declared almost a year ago Kayo ang amo ko (You, the Filipinos, are my boss), a metaphor that remains only in words but not in deed. And yes, he just bought a white Porsche using his own money. Duh!

I don't know if this is the type of Porsche Aquino bought lately. I have not seen one.

I swallowed hard. While the bosses remained wallowing in poverty, that is more than 12 million of us according to the National Statistical Coordination Board, the servant flaunt his toys. And I wonder how and where my servant would use it.


Riles pic from Flickr


AnCiRo said...

palit pud ko ingani,,,,,

Edik said...

hahaha mas datu ka pa kay Noynoy Tolits?