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13 January 2011

A rare experience to try in Bohol

Off the beaten path, somewhere in Anda in the province of Bohol are remnants of a long forgotten history- hanging coffins. Not just your ordinary hanging coffins, I believe.

Several hematite paintings could be seen on the wall of the cave where the remnants are. Facing the Mindanao Sea, could they be ritual symbols for the long voyage? Or some gory acts the details we don't want to know?

Around these islets that is now connected with abundant tropical plants and mangroves good for the next Jurassic Park set, you can visit out of this world coves. A wide cave-like natural structure is now even used for council meetings of hilots and tambalans.

Shhhh, every year, unknown to many, a congregation of herbal doctors and their likes converge at this place in Anda. Go ask your guide about it and they would compare their rituals with that of Siquijor counterparts.

But the excitement starts right when you arrived at the place. You go up to a hilly village before you would be engulfed in a forest full of mangroves and got to taste local cuisine at a station.

Just lovely.

For tour details or bookings please call up Ms Myttee Palo, in-charge of the Bangon Eco-Cultural Tours at telephones (63)(38) 5019516 or 4113431 or email her at

This article won me the latest Lonely Planet Magazine from the contest What you think i should experience this year in the Philippines? 


kg said...

parang sa sagada... meron din pala dyan.

perhaps hanging coffins were really part of our culture way, way back.

Edik said...

i think so Grace. the only difference with Bohol is that they coffins were "hung" in caves facing the sea. because of exposure, the coffins and skeletal remains crumble leaving only some parts.