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20 December 2007

Di Na Ako Virgin

When it comes to Binalot I mean.

The other day a friend of mine treated me to dinner at Binalot in SM City Cebu. I've heard so much about the binalot (Tagalog for something wrapped; in this case food, which is the usual thing to do in the provinces, almost always lunch) experience in Manila.

Well- it reminded me when I was still in the elementary when I always insisted that I brought my baon with me. Mother, as mothers always do, would not agree with it (bringing the baon wrapped in banana leaves) because I would be spending my lunch break at the creek. But sometimes my Ma would allow me to. Cooked rice, viand of fish or meat and some bagoong and egg. This is how Binalot came about, I think.

Aside from the superfluous pictures on their menu (the itlog maalat is only in small piece, nakakabitin; the kamatis is over-riped and not sliced; the rice is overcooked), the binalot is quite okay and much, much better than the food served at Dimsum Break. Sumptuous I say.

Other than sumptuous, the Binalot choices is affordable and light to the pocket. Prices ranged from 39 to 55 pesos. Surely I will come back to taste the other choices posted on their menu (Tapa Rap Sarap, Bistek Walastik, Sisig Na Makisig, etc).


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dazed and a bit confused said...

Congratulations Edik! Hehehehe I used to eat in their Shangrila branch before. Sa foodcourt sa mall ha dili sa hotel. Hehehe The more I like them, the company that is, because of their impeccable sense of Corporate Social Responsibility. They get their "dahon saging" from farmers somewhere up north and they trained these farmers how to cut the leaves, how to clean it and everything. Basta I was impressed. And of course the food tastes yummy. And the menu? Walastik, fantastik! hehehe