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13 December 2007

Enchanted Later

Had it not for a blog about the movie Enchanted, I would not have seen it today.

The blog (I'm really frustrated for not being able to remember which one) alleged that the writer or director of this movie must be Filipino because of his storytelling style. The obligatory singing and dancing is so Pinoy, the witch of a mother plot, the fantasy, the happy ever after ending and the name of the director which is Lima. The author in that blog said that that surname is close to Apat and Anim.

Well- the movie is a relief from all the gore in the Philippine setting. And the never ending problems, notwithstanding the whining, wining and what have you in politics, in our society and even the church.

I am truly amazed at how they infused animation to "real life". But unlike in our movies, their animation is much much better. Our movies could not perfect it despite of the talents of Pinoys in the world of animation. That I don't really know.

All's well that ends well. As usual.


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