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28 December 2007


We Filipinos are hypocrites. Or should I say SOME of us are hypocrites, with special exception to priests who consider nudity as art and not fornication. We don't want to see nude figures for the fear of sin. Again, because of the influence of the Church whose flock are dirty-minded. We even tell our children to close their eyes when people are kissing in our TVs. We see sex (copulation) even if a nude person is alone in the photograph. Isn't that too much of creativity? Or should I say because we don't actually practice what we preach?

But a website that features his nude collection was a welcoming relief despite the nudity content in his subject. (Should the Church now imposed censorship?) Jeff Bark's works should now be a study of Art in essence rather than bigotry amongst Filipinos or church people.

These are some of his works.

More of his works can be found at

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