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11 December 2007

The Under-de-Saya-Undersecretary of Tourism: A Case of Powertripping

A security officer at the Parklane International Hotel in Escario went home furious.

He was reprimanded by an Undersecretary of the Department of Tourism, or to be specific, the wife of the undersecretary.

He was directing the traffic at the hotel entrance since Matt Monroe Jr., who is capitalizing his father’s name, was having a concert at the hotel. Who was that again? Matt Monroe JR? I know there was a singer with a name Matt Monroe. Anyways, that was not the issue.

My friend, the security officer, was directing traffic at the hotel entrance when this car stopped right in the middle of the lane. Being an officer assigned to direct the flow of traffic, he signaled the driver to go to the designated drop off area. Since the driver was not responding, the officer knocked on the window of the car only to be greeted by a snarling wife of a tiger. No, a wife of an UNDERsecretary of Tourism. With emphasis of course on the position of her undersecretary of a husband. Which the UNDER-de-saya-undersecretary confirmed. It was like, Hey do you know me? I am an Underscretary and you are a lowlife, how dare you stop me? Ehmm, how dare you stop my wife's whims?

The driver, being THE driver of the UNDERsecretary, asked the “offending” officer if he knew the person he was dealing with. At that moment he (the officer) knew.

Being in a hospitality establishment, the officer asked for apology of course. And looked on the other way despite the traffic buildup.

Maybe the wife of the UNDERsecretary was just too eager to see the concert? Or maybe she has no power at all so she took the smaller employee at a snarling point so she may be that powerful?

But excuse me, since when does an offending traffic violator, highlighting his position as a government employee in the Department of Tourism, be absolved?

Sad story.



Miki said...

i think we cornered the market for tagak na natungtong sa kalabaw, ehehehe

Edik said...

i really wanted to know who that undersecretary is. this happened a few hours back. the security officer won't just divulge the name.

i could have named him or his wife, miki hehehehe.

Miki said...

aba, mag ala-Hercule Poirot ka no. alamin mo. para gumawa ka rin ng sarili mong malu fernandez, bwahahaha!!!