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02 December 2007

Rainy Days and Sundays

I became a frog today.

It was raining outside and I have to leap and play so to speak. I hate staying at home when the rain pours. So took a bath I did. Got out from my room that has served me as my shell. (Wait. Di ba palaka ako?) Walked the road, I mean hopped the road that has always been traveled and trampled. From Capitol Site to Fuente-OsmeƱa I did walk.

Despite the rain.

Nice feeling, indeed. Yeah despite the rain, it was nice. Wetty. Slippery. Clingy.

Had Beef Wanton at Chowking. Juice. The crew constantly erasing my presence. Then off to Robinson's. Bought fruits and toothpaste. Pa-cute. Window shopped at Handyman. After a while went home and started walking (hopping actually because I was a frog that day) again.

Got home tired. Perspiring but inspired. Rested. Scratched.

Damn! Got itchy feet instead! Ewww.


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