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30 December 2007

Trying Hard

I'm jealous because I claim to be a graphic artist yet I can't make things in my Adobe Photoshop the way graphic artists do, no matter how I do it. So amatuerish.

I am not a computer wizard. I am a lizard. I did not graduate from a computer course. In fact, when I was still in school, there was no computer subject around. My, we were so behind.

Curiosity would kill a cat but mine brought me to new discoveries. I poked and experimented on the computer. Lately I am trying hard to be a graphic artist.

This is a product of an experimentation with Photoshop.


Chie said...

Nice work there Koy. I am quite good in art but probably not as good as you. I am quite interested in photography as well. Different emotions being captured by a camera simply amazes me. Sceneries that I could only see through photos would make me speechless.

Isagani Sabado said...

nice dik! loved the brushes you used. vector brushes na noh? nindot dik :D