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15 December 2007


I woke up early today and poked on the computer and surfed the web for some adrenaline rush and voila! an amazing discovery suddenly made me uptight and bothered.

And why not? Men are now prone to BREAST CANCER!

Hellooooo I said to myself. My judgmental mind have only seen careless women. My biased thoughts told me I would not be one of them. Not men, of course. But the disturbing news was supported by intensive research! So I only sigh.

What happened to the world? Even diseases that I've known to inflict women only are now asking for equal opportunity! No sooner than later, our diseases will be coming out gay too.

Men carry breast cancer genes, too

Doctors are encouraging a new group of people to consider getting tested for genes that raise the risk of breast cancer: men. Male relatives of women with such genes often do not realize that they, too, may carry them, and face greater odds of developing male breast cancer, as well as prostate, pancreatic and skin cancer, new research suggests.

"Everyone thinks of breast and ovarian cancer and just assumes it's all women. They don't even realize these genes can be inherited from the father's side of the family," said Dr. Mary Daly of Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.

After seeing breast cancer in several male patients who did not know they were at risk, Daly conducted a small study, which was presented Friday at a conference in Texas. She now is trying to convince more fathers, sons and brothers of women with the genes to get tested.

"Very few of them want to," she said.

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