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09 June 2008

AlieNation: Some worthy quotes from a news I've read about a suicidal man in Tokyo

The following paragraphs were taken from a news story posted at Yahoo! by Isabel Reynolds. For the complete transcript you can read it here- Blog warnings posted ahead of Tokyo knife rampage.

  • The latest attack sparked talk among Tokyo residents of failing communities and declining morality in a country proud of its low crime rate.
  • "Recently, peoples' relationships have become strained," said 29-year-old Taishi Ikeda, who works in the publishing industry. "There's no-one to talk to when you're troubled."
  • Japan's obsession with exam grades made many feel like failures and the decline of the extended family had also cut support for troubled youngsters, said Jinsuke Kageyama, a criminal psychologist at Tokyo Institute of Technology.
  • "Japan has entered a period of selfishness. People have the feeling that they can do anything," he said.
  • "But when these people fail to fulfill themselves in socially acceptable ways, they are treated as losers and their frustration builds up," he added.
  • "A series of disappointments can lead them to try to regain their sense of self through crime."
  • Some members of the public pointed to an economic downturn and government policy as reasons for rising frustration.
  • "Politicians don't think about the people, they raise taxes and change the healthcare system," said Kentaro Inoue, a 56-year-old worker for an architectural firm.
  • "I think that's what breeds this violent behavior. People begin to hate society when they can't succeed."

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