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02 June 2008

Me Getting Published?

I am no bigtime. Honest.

A columnist of a local Bohol paper text me asking me if he can publish a blind item using my blog about that client who did not pay me. I readily approved and give him the clearance to use my name. I did not expect my blog was copied in toto.

A politician-friend called my attention yesterday and told me my name is again in the papers. I was quite amused actually, knowing the permission I gave to use my name.

But when I read the paper, I was literally shocked because I never allowed my blog (although this was written for public consumption) to be published in that paper. The article did not even mentioned it was taken from my blog and readers would think I wrote it for that post. Whew! But well- it has been published.

Goodluck to me and that person who did not pay my services.

For the full text please click here.

1 comment:

Macky said...

hahaha luoja... gi-mention pa jud emu ngalan... mura man ug dli na blind item...