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10 June 2008

Signs of the Times: Of Snatchers and Drivers

I was taking a photograph of a signboard at the jeepney I was riding when there was a commotion at the other jeepney beside us. A lady passenger became a victim of snatchers riding on a bicycle. The other week, while also riding a jeep, I saw a woman fell from a jeepney when snatchers (two hooded children, my God!) tried to snatch her cellphone. They got away while the woman have nothing to do but cry.

The signboard I was talking about says: Pagbantay sa mangunguot og snatchers (Beware of pickpockets and snatchers).

Sad indeed.

And while snatchers and pickpockets have proliferated in Cebu, another group in the nearby island of Bohol is pocketing people's money illegally while passengers can only heave a sigh.

The tricycle and multicab drivers of Tagbilaran City imposed P7.00 fare even without the necessary notice (taripa) from LTFRB. As compared to Cebu, drivers are not allowed to ask that amount without the original taripa, considering also that the legal fare is only P6.50 within Central Visayas.

If you give P7.00 to Cebu drivers, they will readily give back your P0.50. Which is fair enough nowadays. Very unlike Bohol whose vehicle drivers do not have the required original taripa and unfairly adjusting fares to 50 centavos more. Unless of course, if Bohol believed they are still a self-imposed republic these days.

Can the LTFRB intervene on this case?

Additional info for students and senior citizens: Fare discounts not honored? Call DOTC hotline at 7890 (02-7890 for long distance) for your complaints.

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