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12 June 2008

Are We Really Free?

I saw a very small group of students (most of them are not student-looking) downtown protesting against tuition increase, gasoline prices, food scarcity, the authoritarian government of GMA and other negative things they could think of. This is an old song played again and again. And those playing like sirang plaka are either romantic morons or plain drunks.

I wonder if the people behind these rallies and their financiers (ow, don't make excuses, someone is giving you the funds) can think of another way to solve the country's economic problems we would be better off than our Asian neighbors.

I believe if these very few rallyists would go to our hometown (or theirs) and plant trees or vegetables the future of the country would be bright.

Come to think of it, they are basically one of the problems of the country. I worked at a government office, I paid my taxes. I resigned from that office, looked for another job, I paid my taxes. I am helping my country.

What have these rallyists done except disturbing peace and making the traffic super slow?

Expect them to be present today even if GMA has the gall to transfer the Independence Day!

The picture is from another rally (see how useless these people are?) and grabbed from

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