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06 June 2008

A Not So Kind Comment on Charisse Pempengco

I was actually thrilled seeing this Pinay performing on international shows. Felt myself prouder as a Pinoy.

But only for a while.

It turns out Charise Pempengco is not a versatile singer after all. That's according to an off-tuned, non-singer, a critic who failed on Music 1 in elementary: Me.

Yes, she can belt out like any other singers. Yes, she can sing other singers' songs. Only that. Nothing more. I even questioned myself if she could do other acts other than I Have Nothing or that song from a play/movie, because everytime I see her on TV or youtube, it's the same Whitney songs she sang over and over again.

Her singing bores me to death despite the shrilly voice she's got. Damn!

I was more impressed with Ai-Ai delas Alas' performance with Regine Velasquez! Now that's a great performance. That Ai-Ai not Charise. She's truly a performer sans rival.

(A healthy discussion among Multiply users can be read at this link.)

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