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23 June 2008

My Brief Gigolo Moment

As Bruce Banner tells Betty Ross not to use her phone, my phone also vibrated in my pocket since I turned it into silent mode. I didn't mind it (my phone) since the Incredible Hulk engrossed me with its better pacing than that of Ang Lee's previous interpretation.

But a missed call and subsequent text messages made me wonder why the urgency of the messenger.

09177112045: Hi. Are you in Bohol?
Me: Who you?
09177112045: Hector. Someone gave me your number.

Damn! Someone might be plotting against me since I don't give out my numbers to aliens. And to think being in Bohol at that moment was pure coincidence because I was one of those stranded by Frank's unwanted visit.

Me: Who's that someone? I don't give out my number.
09177112045: From the internet. Do you charge for services?

All of a sudden my green genetic anger became for real. Why this person think of me as a whore? And I composed a very angry reply but suddenly became sane enough not to send it out. Hijo de puta why me a prostitute?

I have to entrap this guy.

Me: Where are you in Bohol?
09177112045: May I know your name?
Me: Where are you in Bohol?
09177112045: Tagbilaran. What's your name?
Me: I'm Lawrence.

Now I have to make things up and see if this guy is for real.

09177112045: How old are you Lawrence. Can you send your pic?
Me: I'm sorry I don't have MMS. How much can you afford?
09177112045: How old are you Lawrence.

Hmm. Should I tell? Should I bluff? I bluffed.

Me: I'm able at 50.
09177112045: Will text you.

My phone was silent until the end of Incredible Hulk. There goes my gigolo moment. Wrong answer.

I told my friends about the incident and we were amused. Why of all ages did I told the texter that I was 50? Why not 18? They made fun of me. Who would take a 50 year old prostitute? Why not, I asked them. C'mon. Would you? They told me to keep on texting him and they even ask for his number. Just for fun. Some guys are really weird so they deserve some weirdness. Hector did not text back anymore.

Conclusion: Old men (or women) have no place in the flesh business. Imagine being 50 and still on the service? Damn. My gigolo moment never started at all!

By the way, I am not yet 50 and could qualify for a gigolo service. Hahahahaha.

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