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16 June 2008

Philippine Military (and Government) Inutile

I just could not get it. For so long the Philippine government could not eradicate the very small armed groups in the country. Every time I see a news about some high ranking military officials promising to stamp out the NPA (for example) I could not help but curse the military.

For how come a small group of bandits, without proper training, some of them not even wearing tsinelas, could outsmart the military who have gone to formal military training and has the manpower to pursue those bandits?

I understood very well why the Americans were defeated during the Vietnam war because they did not know the terrain of the country. But Filipino military on Philippine soil saying they are not familiar with the terrain is plain bullshit.

And the civilian populace suffered because of these incompetence, ineptitude, wastefulness, etc. Name it, the military is pure kapalpakan.

(The picture is not provided by the military but by

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