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22 June 2008

Disastrous Frank

I am so bored here at the City of Friendship because my friends where nowhere near. They too were stranded somewhere as Frank visited us here. Why do Franks always bring disaster? This is not the first Frank that ruined everything.

Also with nothing to do because she suffered the same fate I had, the Provincial Director (PD) called me up so we could have fun despite the storm. This director is some kind of a free-spirited lady having fun with here is nothing new. And so we end up eating, malling, drinking and eating again. While Frank poured his anger outside, we drank our beers in the comforts of the bar.

So happened that The Happening was also shown in a theater nearby so we went in. The theme was great and very far from the disastrous A Lady in the Water of Shyamalan. Instead of being afraid or surprised by the bloody scenes, I was actually laughing because the PD would cower in here seat when a happening occurs. Anyways it was pure fun.

As Frank left in this island, I also gather my things and prepare for my trip back home.

No more Franks please.

Storm picture is not of Frank.

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