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16 February 2011

The Academy is no longer a bastion of integrity and honesty

What happened between the years when the academy was viewed with awe and respect, and today when it is perceived as a producer of adventurers and of big-time crooks? Sad. ~Gualberto B. Lumauig, former member of the House of Representatives and former governor of Ifugao

I admit I was smitten whenever the words Philippine Military Academy (PMA) are mentioned. Was. Infact, I was an eager visitor to that academy many years back and was proud I had a first degree cousin who graduated from there.

Now whenever the word PMA is mentioned I cringed, the hairs at the back of my neck standing like there was a ghost pouring ice water in my neck. Not that I believe in ghosts. No wonder my cousin hastily left from the military after a few years of service and pursued his flying career overseas.

My biased mentality always focus on the generals and officials claiming they were a graduate (mistah, I supposed they were called) from that prestigious academy. Now that prestige is being tarnished because that academy was producing, after the hype and all, corrupt generals and officials of the Philippine military. 

Nothing, not even the suicide of its known graduate, the former AFP chief Angelo Reyes, could erase the case of plundering people's money by these high and mighty officials. Angelo Reyes was given a hero's burial.

If they could deceive the people of the Philippines into believing that they were taught honesty, integrity, gallantry and obedience to duty in that academy while secretly pocketing millions of our money during their terms, what is the use of PMA's presence?

I am sure the city of Baguio are no longer proud of that Academy.

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