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07 February 2011

Bloated for a day!

I have the privilege to "own" one of the most generous friends in the entire world. They are four actually and they treat me to an early birthday celebration. Guess where- a JAPANESE RESTAURANT!

One of my greatest love happens to be Japanese food. They are simple, fresh and always delicious.

Last Friday, they brought me to this eat-all-you-can Japanese restaurant called Wakamatsu Yakiniku Dinner (located at Pacific Square, F. Cabahug Street, Mabolo, Cebu City, telephone number 032-232-5897). Actually, I've passed through this place but I did not know that there is a Japanese restaurant in that part of Cebu. But one thing I know, Korean restaurants abound the area.

Les is serious with her food
We were quite disappointed actually when we arrived at Wakamatsu because the place was full with only one small table available in a corner. And there were six of us. Lesson- call in for your reservations before coming in. 

With the six of us barely breathing in the corner, our waiting staff informed us she would transfer us to a more comfortable area good for six people but it never happened until we were done paying our bills. Everyone, take note, every one seemed not keen on leaving the place.

Yakiniku means "grilled meat" but actually is a general term for everything grilled, be they meat or vegetables or whatever. So I was not surprised when the wait staff brought in a really hot pot of flaming charcoals and placed them in the center of the table. This was going to be our little kitchen for the evening.

And we love the idea of cooking our own food.

Gilda enjoyed the cooking
The Angus beef (Ranchi karubi yaki) was thinly sliced and was ready in just a few minutes of grilling. I also loved the Squid (Ika yaki) even if it was still raw because they were tender yet crunchy, aside from spicy. We only have a few orders of Prawn (Ebi yaki) because shelling them took time. The Scallops with butter (Hotate yaki) was not really that fresh so we only had a plateful.

The rest of my friends also ordered Beef liver (Reba yaki), Chicken drumstick (Doramu chicken),  and Wakamatsu ramen.

But what I loved eating that night was the Bibinba Japanese rice (Ishiyaki bibinba), a combination of Japanese rice with veggies and meat and egg mixed right before your eyes. The Korean style cold noodles (Bibin reimen) was also delicious in its cold spiciness.

We bloated ourselves more with their dessert of  crushed ice (they spelled it as CRASHED ICE, and reminded me of the gory state of the ice when they were served) dribbled  with mango syrup. We lingered more until the restaurant informed us they would be closing soon. 

Wakamatsu charges PhP570 per person with their buffet. They charge also PhP285 for children. Please note that you have to review the menu first because our usual interpretation of eat-all-you-can might differ with theirs. The drinks are not free of course and are quite expensive.

I would like to try this restaurant again if I have the money.

Cold towels were served first, a welcoming relief from the heat outside
The grill at the foreground
Glo and Reg were amazed by the way Ishiyaki Bibinba was mixed
A really hot grill
My favorite- Bibin reimen
Also this one- Ika yaki
The crashed ice with mango syrup

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