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22 February 2011

Ang binangkal ni Emie: A great and filling snack of the day

I do not know how other people call them, but here in the Visayas area, we call them Binangkal. Those fried mildly sweet balls of flour coated with sesame seeds we love to have as a snack or in my case, breakfast.

I am quite intrigue at how they are made and what are its ingredients since they are really my favorite. I found out lately, after being invited to observe, that making binangkal is quite easy. I am planning to make mine when I have the time.

All you need are these ingredients: a high grade flour for best results, about 5 cups; baking powder, about 5 teaspoonful; brown sugar, 2 cups or more if you want them super sweet; some eggs, about two or three; a cup of evaporated milk and some vanilla drops.

Mix the eggs and sugar together until the sugar dissolves. Pour in the vanilla (why not try lemon drops?) for some flavoring. Add flour and fold them well. If the flour hardens, add some milk until well mixed. Form into small balls, about the size of ping pong balls, and roll them over the sesame seeds.

Heat a pan of vegetable oil and put in the balled flour. Wait for them to turn golden brown and then shake off excess oil. Better put them in paper towels so that the excess oil are absorbed by the towels.

Your binangkal should be ready to eat. A good cup of coffee or a cold fruit juice goes well with the binangkal.



Hi! I'm LiLi! said...

OMG. Is that Emmy Lou in the first photo? We were classmates in elementary back when we were kutuhon and sip-onon pa. I hope she still remembers me.

That Binangkal looks scrumptious. My US born cousins call them Moon Rocks. It's a great hang-over munchies.

According to my lil sis, if Binangkal is eaten as sumsuman during sa inuman, you don't get drunk as easily. hehehehe

Thinking Out Loud

Edik said...

I will ask Emie if she knows you. I'm sure she will.

She is now based in Tagbilaran.

Hi! I'm LiLi! said...

She knows me by Lilian. I am the only one with that name in our batch. :)