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07 February 2011

The funny side of the Egyptian revolution

Despite tension and risk of being caught within the bloody Egyptian revolution, some protesters came out funny by creating innovative ways to protect their heads from flying stones and other objects as pro- and anti-Mubarak demonstrators wage a fight against each other. MOVE OVER LADY GAGA!

Here are some of them-

Miguel Medina/AFP/Getty Images
Ben Curtis/AP
Hannibal Hanschke/EPA
Source: Makezine

And one of the most awesome act- Egyptian Christians guarding Egyptian Muslims while they were praying. What a moving picture!

Source: RagamuffinSoul: What The American Christian Can Learn From The Egyptian Christian


kg said...

i love that last pic edik! as long as there is a single purpose, walang differences!

Edik said...

very true. if only we live our lives in peace even if we have different religions. imagine-