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11 February 2011

This is not about religion

The volatile Egyptian protests are now starting to boil with the announcement that Hosni Mubarak is not going to step down despite 30 years of mean police rule.

Because of this, Muslims and Christians in Egypt joined hands to show a force Mubarak could not ignore. Not anymore! No more! Such is their deep love for their country almost everyone: children, women, laborers, professionals; everyone, went out to make one big force to show their disgust for the widespread poverty, unemployment and corruption in the government.
"That's why we have to destroy the system, which is based on the theory that people shouldn't speak out, that this country is their country, so it's not your right to ask. No, it is my right to ask you. If you're a minister, you are a civil servant, you are an employee of the government. With all due respect, my taxes pay for your salary." ~Wael Ghonim, Google executive & Egyptian protester
But there is one touching scene I wish would happen not just in Egypt but also around the world: Christians forming a circle defending Muslims praying in Tahrir Square. Now, in return, Muslims are doing the same favor for the Christians who decided that doing prayers in the same square is a welcome option. Both the Christian cross and the Quran are raised together without fear, without prejudice, and sharing a common goal.

What a beautiful world.

Photo from Getty Images/AFP thru CNN

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