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21 February 2011

Drugs, death penalty and other issues

On drugs and drug mules

There are Filipinos being found guilty of drug trafficking in other countries and sentenced to death because they have been used as drug mules. Drug mules are people used to transport illegal drugs to a certain destination. Sometimes they carry drugs through ingestion (eating) them to escape detection.

It is a sad fact that these Filipinos were used as couriers by drug traffickers. It is also sad that these Filipinos wanted themselves to be used because of the amount of money they were promised when they have the goods delivered. Sadder, and a shameful act, when the Philippine government wanted these traffickers be given clemency from concerned governments.

The Noynoy administration shows its true colors- aside from being weak, they wanted illegal acts to thrive in this country. What a shame! The Philippine government could not even fast track the case of the shabu laboratory in Cebu involving Chinese nationals which they said have been raided six years ago. What happened to the case?

RH Bill and the Catholic Church

Over the weekend, the quasi-parish of Mansasa in Tagbilaran attended a "seminar" on RH Bill. Most of those who attended were already in their twilight years, to be harsh, the old folks of that barangay. And most of them went home, angry at the organizers, for asking them to attend  a seminar that did not explain what really is the RH Bill but instead talk about condoms, abortion and pre-marital sex in a crowd were even sex is no longer an issue. 

Worst, they take the landslide in Southern Leyte years ago as an example of how their God punished people because those people were living in sin by exchanging partners. Oh my.

That said, the desperate move of the Catholic church is kind of, funny.

Diplomatic booboos

Yes, it is true that Taiwan nationals are considered Chinese but they do not want to be called part of mainland China. Despite of that fact, the Philippines deported Taiwanese nationals to Beijing for the alleged swindling cases they did there without considering the very thin ties between Taiwan and China.

Now the Philippines is making desperate moves to appease Taiwan knowing Taiwan retaliated by making it hard for OFWs to go there. Maybe giving more headaches to the OFWs already working there.

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